Adobe have released a sample plugin for AIR that allows you to access the Gyroscope information on an Android or iOS device.

Grab the Extension from the Devnet resources and read all about it here.

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  1. Richard Reply
    07, June 2012, 7:18am

    it crashes my ipad2 as soon as it’s instantiated when compiling to “ipa-ad-hoc” or “ipa-app-store” but it works on “ipa-debug-interpreter” i guess this could be because the ActionScript bytecode is interpreted and not translated to machine code. when it’s translated i get the crash

    would be great to know if someone has got this working properly

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  2. Richard Reply
    08, June 2012, 1:44am

    i’ve got it working! solution is simple. for ipa-ad-hoc or ipa-app-store (translated code) the Gyroscope.swc should be removed from exports. the ane should of course still be referenced in the application descriptor file. in FDT this is done by setting the swc to “Use as Runtime Shared Code” under project properties > FDT Build Path > Build Order. i imagine there’s a similar option in Flash Builder and Flash CS5 or 6. as i understand it, this is how all ANE’s work.

    i saw this information in the description of a variant of the Adobe Gyroscope developed by Christoph Ketzler found here..

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    • Pulkit Reply
      08, October 2012, 1:24pm

      Can you please elaborate on this solution. As I understand, the main thing is not to compile SWC source with the SWF and link it at runtime..

      But linking it at run time makes the app get stuck on first frame as it tries to locate the RSL, not present… Please suggest…

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