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Appsee is a simple and powerful visual mobile analytics platform that enables app developers to ­­measure, understand and improve the user experience in their mobile app. App Developers leverage Appsee’s user...read more »

Song Picker ANE

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A song picker/player AIR native extension for iOS and Android. Author: Rich Lovejoy (https://github.com/richpixel) The SongPicker Air Native Extension lets you choose a song from your music library on...read more »

AS3 Performance Primitives

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This is an experimental library for ActionScript 3 geared towards high-performance math, and is losely modeled on the Intel Performance Primitives library. Please note that this project is in...read more »


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A simple wrapper to the Cooliris UnRAR iOS class interface. AneUnRar is copyright 2012 Pedro Casaubon. and available under Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file in the project for more...read more »

Test Flight

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Allows you to use TestFlight from within an AIR application. The library follows the TestFlight SDK as closely as possible. Please read its documentation for further details. If you define a TFTeamToken property...read more »


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AIR Native Extension to add Bluetooth support for iOS apps. The Actionscript API mirrors the Objective-C API found in Apple GameKit. To get a better understanding of Bluetooth on...read more »

Game Center

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This is an Air native extension for Game Center integration on the iOS platform. Binary files The bin folder contains the compiled extension and the default swc, which can be used for local...read more »

Silent Switch

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This extension enables the hardware silent switch on the phone to mute sounds that are played in an Air project. The extension has a single command that mutes all...read more »

Contact Editor

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ow for iOS and Android author: memeller@gmail.com & Mateusz Maćkowiak (https://github.com/mateuszmackowiak) Currently supported: (NEW) pickContact – shows system contact picker, that enables user to select desired contact from list. After selecting...read more »

Mute Button

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Here’s a small ANE that could be very handy for your iOS project. It enables the behaviour of Mute Button. For the full documentation see this help link. Thanks to Enrique...read more »

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